Thor MailSentry

Adds a new layer of security to any existing email filtering solution

Thor MailSentry

MailSentry uses more than 125 vectors of analysis, together with advanced threat intelligence, to detect and prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC), CEO Fraud, phishing and complex malware before they reach the user. Mail Sentry adds a new layer of security to any existing email filtering solutions.

The global cost of email fraud according to the FBI

$12.5 billion per year

Eliminate imposter and insider threat due to BEC scams

The average number of BEC attacks per month has risen by 120% between 2016 and 2018.

BEC attacks are a form of social engineering. They prey on people’s trusting and cooperating nature in order to cause damage. Thor MailSentry™ utilises unique technology to scan for all possible cues and to detect BEC attempts.

Product features

  • Monitoring of all emails alongside existing email filtering solutions
  • Detection of BEC, CEO Fraud, Phishing and advanced malware
  • Find Imposter Threats (Modified PDFs such as invoices)
  • Live monitoring and alerting 24/7 by a specialist fraud team
  • Scans content of attachments in-depth wording, IBAN, SWIFT, Account numbers etc and checks bank details against known fraudulent lists to detect attacks
  • Can be connected to external invoice approval systems using APIs
  • Alerts you if historic emails are detected as malicious

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Thor MailSentry

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Thor MailSentry