SolarWinds – Passportal

Mail AssureRemote Monitor & Management – PassportalMSP Manager

SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager

A feature available with SolarWinds RMM

An encrypted and efficient password and credential management solution built for MSPs, offering credential injection, reporting, auditing, password change automation, and privileged client documentation capabilities—designed to streamline the technicians’ day by placing essential documentation at their fingertips to standardize service delivery and expedite issue resolution.

Manage risk and standardise service delivery

  • Follow best-practice password management-generate strong passwords, eliminate password re-use, and automate routine password maintenance.
  • Grant or revoke access quickly to avoid lending credentials to new
    technicians, and instantly revoke access when technicians leave.
  • Simplify the documentation process by following MSP-proven standards around what to document, and how.
  • Capture and share knowledge using prebuilt, MSP-centric templates, or create your own templates with the built-in editor

Shorten incident reslution times

  •  Auto-capture new credentials directly into the vault to help ensure all authorized technicians have access when needed.
  • Eliminate copy-and-paste errors and time wasted searching for updated credentials or dealing with account lockouts.
  • Put everything your technicians need to provide service just a click away: link passwords, documents, kb articles, certificates, serial numbers, and more.
  • Deliver consistent service to your entire client base, regardless of technician turnover.

Help demonstrate compliance for credential creditation, usage and storage

  • Adopt and demonstrate best-practice password-management workflows, track changes, enforce strong passwords, and set password expiry.
  • Report audit-level proof points to help meet compliance requirements.
  • Monitor credential usage to easily identify what happened (and when) in terms of access.
  • Measure and enforce password complexity to boost cyberhygiene.