Next Generation Enterprise Data Protection: Insider Risk + Data Loss Prevention

For organisations with valuable data or brand, the Reveal Platform from Next is a user-centric data protection solution that uncovers risk, educates employees and fulfils security, privacy, governance, compliance and regulatory needs.

What Next DLP Offer

Next has been built for today’s modern distributed organisations. The key features of the Next Reveal Platform include:

Machine Learning on the Endpoint: Next spots and presents anomalies based on what’s happening on the endpoint and uses behavioural analysis, model correlation, and programmable models that organisations can throw data into. By combining machine learning with anomaly detection, users receive actionable insights.

Incident-Based Training: Rather than making employees go through hours-long training videos, Next trains at the point of risk. When data is at stake, users receive a prompt. Rather than training by a hard block, Next helps users complete their tasks by pointing them to the approved way to achieve that action.  

Adaptive Controls: Next goes beyond blocking and isolating. Next records, alerts, blocks actions, isolates machines, and isolates on the network or takes it off the grid altogether.

Why Choose Next?

Machine learning on the endpoint

Cloud native platform

Policy-free visibility
Real-time inspection
Adaptive controls
User training at the point of risk


Data was once protected with a perimeter. With digital transformation, these perimeters changed. As a result, so has the data’s risk profile. For instance, data is always used on an endpoint, whether on a laptop or in the cloud. While data is an organisation’s lifeblood, the endpoint is the most significant point of risk.

How do organisations allow people to use data on their endpoint without blocking them from doing their job? How can they find the right balance between visibility, protection, and productivity?

Next’s Reveal platform is a SaaS solution with zero infrastructure built from the cloud with modern and standard APIs. Organisations receive a package they seamlessly deploy to their endpoints. No policy, control, or interaction is needed from security teams. The result is a fast, efficient, continuous learning solution. Organisations can put a process in place that isn’t intrusive and doesn’t impact endpoint performance and user productivity.


End the risk of insider threat inside your end customers - Brigantia launches Next DLP

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The Definitive Guide to Insider Risk Management & Data Loss Prevention

Data loss, regardless of the source, costs millions. The latest Cost of a Data Breach Report shows the average breach costs over $4mm.

Of that, nearly $1.3mm comes from lost business.

Information security teams tackle a tough task every day, but there are effective solutions designed to help.

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