Complete Email Security and Management

Hornetsecurity, Your Cloud Security Experts

Spam and Malware protection

The comprehensive features and thorough filtering mechanisms of Spam and Malware Protection keep your mailbox free of annoying and harmful spam, with a guaranteed 99.9% spam detection rate and 99.99% virus detection.

  • Email Live Tracking shows all processed emails in a single view
  • Infomail Handling filters spam and newsletters
  • Content Control blocks various file types on incoming and outbound email
  • Compliance Filter adds additional filters to prevent data loss
  • Threat Defence uses machine learning to prevent spam and viruses
  • Outlook Black and Whitelisting via Outlook add-in

Advanced Threat Protection

Ransomware, spyware and viruses manipulate or damage operational and production processes, which can cause considerable (financial) damage to companies targeted. The comprehensive features of Advanced Threat Protection detect even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

  • Forensic Analyses
  • ATP Sandboxing
  • URL Malware Control
  • Global Security Dashboard
  • Malware Ex-Post Alert


Email Archiving from Hornetsecurity meets legal requirements in all aspects: legally compliant, fully automated and audit-proof. The ideal solution for long-term, unchangeable and secure storage of important company information, data and files.

  • Fully GDPR Compliant archive
  • 10-year Email Retention
  • eDiscovery

Email Encryption

Encryption of data has become a priority because of compliance requirements as well as the enactment of the GDPR. In a business environment, exchange of sensitive files and information takes place primarily via email communication. Email Encryption ensures all-round encrypted exchange of emails for reliable, secure email communication.

  • Global S/MIME & PGP Encryption
  • Secure Cipher Policy Control
  • Secure Websafe

Signature and Disclaimer

Every outgoing email from a company is both business-relevant and a business card. A uniform and legally compliant appearance is therefore a basic requirement. Create consistent email signatures and email disclaimers for your entire organisation quickly and easily with Signature and Disclaimer.

  • User based Individual Signatures
  • 1-Click Intelligent Ads
  • Company Disclaimer

Continuity Service

The failure of a mail server often leads to numerous operational interruptions. If the automated monitoring detects that the customer’s mail server has failed, the Email Continuity Service is activated immediately. Emails are delivered without interruption by an alternative means (POP3/IMAP mailbox or webmail access). Access to secured emails is thus maintained even during a direct Outlook failure. Hornetsecurity guarantees 99.9 percent availability for customers of its Email Continuity Service.

  • Contingency Covering

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