GDPR365 – The Security Framework Tool for GDPR

GDPR is a European regulation which became UK law when it was enacted into the Data Protection Act 2018. It makes organisations safeguard people’s data which they control and / or process.

  1. The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) effectively gives people ownership of any information about them thereby giving them rights over how their data is used;
  2. The DPA makes all organisations (including companies) responsible for looking after people’s data. It sets out technical and organisation measures to be followed by organisations.

These measures are a combination of record keeping, policies, procedures and technological processes. GDPR365 is the Security Framework which pulls them all together in a coherent way.

The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) necessitates a Security Framework

GDPR365 is cloud based software that provides a Security Framework to help organisations comply with all the rules laid out in the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA).

This provides an organisation with what it needs to understand the measures required to keep personal data safe, and to manage and review these measures on an ongoing basis.

  • GDPR365 is mapped to the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) – this means that for every rule, an organisation will have an appropriate measure in place: be it a policy, a procedure or process;
  • GDPR365 increases security within organisations – it helps an organisation to ask the right questions to find its own vulnerabilities;
  • GDPR365 is the way to make sure you’re applying the DPA’s rules which were designed make data you control and / or process safe.

GDPR365’s central record keeping tools will ensure that you have a complete audit trail to demonstrate your compliance to suppliers, clients, regulators and data subjects. GDPR365’s dashboard will show your status towards compliance and allow you to quickly manage your data protection program by seeing who’s working on which tasks and which parts of the program need more attention.

With everything in one place, the effort required to be compliant and the risks of non-compliance are reduced while valuable insights on personal data usage by the organisation is gained.


No two organisations are the same: GBPR365 helps you understand your risks, so that you make sure you have adequate measures in place.


Collaborate and assign tasks: Your audit trail is stored in the cloud, so that you can auto generate documentation and ensure policies and processes are in place.


GDPR365 reminds you of your outstanding and upcoming data protection tasks in addition to being able see current information.

GDPR365 features and benefits

A customised plan
  • Appropriate compliance checklists;
  • Readiness assessments to understand gaps;
  • Records of processing activities;
  • Privacy notices and internal policies.
Make data security as a key brand value
  • Employee training on data protection;
  • Simplify responding to data subject access requests;
  • Data breach management.
Understand personal data use / security
  • Data mapping;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments;
  • Processors and data sharing registers.

Benefits for management

Reduced risk, global oversight

  • See an end-to-end picture of your GDPR compliance efforts and current status;
  • Get an overview of the organisation’s inbound and outbound personal data flows and processing activities;
  • Get an overview of the volume and status of subject access requests.

Benefits for data protection lead / officer

Reduced risk, less work

  • Rest assured that your records of processing activities are accurate;
  • Maintain all your privacy notices from a single location;
  • Centralise subject access requests and ensure they’re handled in required time frames;
  • Involve colleagues and suppliers in your compliance efforts.

Compliance Status Dashboard – Shows the status of each area of compliance