Complete, multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that provides 24/7 cutting-edge protection to prevent cybercriminals from ever disrupting an organisation.

What eSentire offers

eSentire’s MDR service allows its customers to build a more responsive cybersecurity operation that protects their business and its most critical processes from the impact of cybercrime.

Armed with unique intelligence and a complete picture of your attack surface, our Threat Response Unit, Elite Threat Hunters, and 24/7 SOC Analysts are dedicated to protecting you and shutting down threats before they can disrupt your business.

Why choose eSentire?


Managed Vulnerability and Risk – Taking control of cyber risk.


Managed Detection and Response – Preventing threats from becoming business disrupting.


Digital Forensics and Incident Response – Be ready with the world’s fastest threat suppression.


Introducing eSentire

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Why eSentire are different

The Managed Detection and Response market is a crowded space; many service providers say the same thing, making it hard to work out a point of difference. eSentire are the pioneers of MDR, having worked in the space for 25 years, they know what organisations need and want when it comes to building a more responsive security operation – you need more than just alerts!

You need a partner who goes further to prevent your organisation from being disrupted – this is where eSentire differ – their RESPONSE.

  1. eSentire find and stop threats faster than anyone. Their Atlas XDR platform instantly detects and blocks threats millions of times per day. If human intuition is required, our 24/7 experts are on guard to protect you with a Mean Time to Contain of only 15 minutes.
  2. eSentire don’t just alert you to cyber threats, they act on them. Most MSSPs and MDR providers bombard you with alerts – eSentire don’t! They take full responsibility for protecting your business, which means we respond to cyber-attacks by containing and remediating, so your business operations can continue to run smoothly. An attack on you, is an attack on us.
  3. eSentire continuously protect you across your complete cyberattack surface. Their global SOCs are home to our 24/7 threat hunters, combined with our unique multi-signal intelligence, you can sleep easy knowing eSentire always be there to protect your organisation.


By offering our world-class Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, you can accelerate your business and grow your revenue.


Case Study: IRIS Software Group

Read how a high growth UK software company uses our Managed Detection and Response Services to get new levels of visibility and protection during its digital transformation to the Cloud.

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