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Impersonation Detection

Domain names, display names, message headers, and content are all inspected for impersonation tactics, defending against impersonation attacks such as CEO fraud.

Advanced URL Defence

URLs, linked landing pages, and source code are extensively examined for credential harvesting, fake login pages, and other phishing indicators.

Attachment Detonation

The Email Laundry’s Attachment Detonation detects more Zero Days and unknown malware than all other sandboxes in the security industry combined. Attachments are detonated on over 200 virtual machines in a cross-matrix of operating systems, programs, and applications to detect zero-day exploits and never-before-seen malware.

Exploit Detection

Cyber criminals are constantly developing new tactics to gain access to an organisation’s network in order to steal money and/or data.

Previously unknown exploits like WannaCry and Petya demonstrated how damaging Zero-Day exploits can be for organisations. With over 80 file types supported, attachments are opened in a virtual environment, including current and old versions of operating systems, programs, and applications. This enables The Email Laundry to detect and quarantine these never-before-seen attacks.

Password-Protected Attachments

To evade detection by signature and heuristic-based AV engines, attackers commonly password protect their malware-laden attachments, usually including the password in the message body so that the recipient can still gain access. Attachment Detonation overcomes this tactic by scanning both the text and images in the message body, along with checking against a directory of passwords.

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