egenera – Xterity Cloud Services

Intuitive drag-and-drop cloud designer enables you to rapidly expand your services portfolio to include the cloud IT services your clients are asking for, all without adding capital expenses.

Proven experience:

  • We built our business with you and your clients in mind – we keep it drag-and-drop simple.
  • We’ve been delivering cloud virtualization technology solutions since 2000 – it’s what we do.
  • We’ve made the investment in enterprise class hardware, software, tools, vendors, automation and data center technology. You and your clients benefit from our years of experience and investments without the upfront time or costs.

Supporting you – it’s our business – it’s our passion:

  • White label marketing and sales support to expedite your cloud revenue
  • Our engineers answer the phone, no call forwarding, outsourcing, or answering machines and we consistently meet or exceed our stated 99.99% SLA
  • Results from a recent customer survey (289 respondents) show:
    o Trouble ticket responsiveness: 97.6% answered average, good or excellent
    o Engineer knowledge: 99% answered average, good, or excellent
    o Resolution quality: 97.2% answered average, good, or excellent

Easy pay as you go, consumption pricing model:

  • No long-term contract or financial commitment
  • Align with your client’s business needs. Only pay for the quantities and services your clients use. Rapid bi-direction scalability delivers on the promise of utility computing.

Fully integrated business functions simplify your financial processes:

  • Real-time pricing, margin analysis, quote generation and billing
  • Set your own price and bundle in your services to add even more value to your clients
  • Multi-tier distribution model with independent margins

You maintain the relationship with your clients:

  • We support your delivery of services to your clients
  • We don’t sell direct to end users. We’ll never compete with you.
  • When you’re successful, we’re successful.

Wholesale Managed Public Cloud

Secure, and highly available Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment your clients need for all their applications, including test/dev environments. This service leverages secure, logically isolated, shared infrastructure technology.

Wholesale Managed Dedicated Compute

Secure, dedicated compute resources to support your client’s most mission-critical, multi-tier applications. This service provides the security and performance advantages of in-house environments. With drag-and-drop simplicity, you can rapidly provide your clients a dedicated compute platform that is ideal for custom services. This is the preferred model for those clients with applications that are not well suited for multi-tenant, shared compute environments.

Managed Private Cloud

This service provides dedicated resources for the whole cloud hardware stack from network to storage to compute. This is the right choice for your clients that require complete isolation at all layers of the cloud.

Bare Metal Cloud Servers

Xterity enables the configuration and deployment of both virtual and physical (bare metal) servers. This unmatched flexibility enables you to satisfy your clients’ needs for all their applications, including those multi-tier solutions where one tier is not well suited for running in virtual machines.

Cloud Migrate Service

Easily migrate your clients’ existing physical and virtual servers into Xterity’s highly reliable wholesale managed cloud.

Business Continuity Backup (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) Services

Since one size doesn’t fit all, Xterity Business Continuity services include:

  • Essential Backup as a Service for daily backup of off cloud servers, desktops, laptops, enterprise databases and applications, Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce and additional applications
  • Premier BaaS and Premier DRaaS provide you and your clients managed business continuity solutions with selectable backup frequency and retention settings for your client’s off cloud or on cloud servers. P-DRaaS provides service level agreement (SLA) backed response time (RPO) and recovery time (RTO) objectives in addition to Xterity’s infrastructure 99.99% availability SLA for enhanced peace-of-mind.

Cloud Suite Software

This software is at the core of all Xterity Cloud Services and is available for your clines wanting to jump start on-premise cloud deployments or quickly standup a dev\test environment.


24x7x365 partner technical support and monitoring from Xterity engineers

White label marketing and sales support

Fully dedicated account team

Higher margins

Recurring revenue streams

Add cloud services without upfront capital investment

Drag-and-drop simplicity, no IT heavy lifting delays

– GxP for life sciences
– GDPR readiness

No long-term contracts or sales commitments

Single tier, no cost, partner program

Single tier, no cost, 24x7x365 support

No account intrusion