100% Cloud-Based Architecture

Manage, patch, connect, report and alert on any machine, anytime, anywhere

Cloud RMM Tools for MSPs

Action1 MSP Remote Monitoring and Management solution delivers all the functionality that Managed Service Providers need to effectively support their clients securely and efficiently. Manage endpoints directly from a central cloud console with zero dependence on LANs or other on-premises infrastructure.

Reporting & alerting


Use built-in reports to see hardware and software inventory


Get in-depth info on workstations - if you need it Action1 can grab it


Create custom reports to get to your desired information quickly and easily


Create alerts to know when issues occur in your environment

Do more from a single location

  • Create custom recurring policies to handle patching, reboots, and app deployments. All controllable from an individual endpoint level and scalable to your entire organisation
  • Use groups to allow for greater control over automation
  • Send scripts via Action1 to your endpoints for mass automation
  • Remote into endpoints to provide assistance to end users

Easily update your Workstations and Servers

  • In-house managed app store contains all of the most common applications and their respective patches
  • Take control over the Windows Update Process
  • Deploy your own custom and third-party applications and updates
  • Critical patches automatically approved to increase security
  • Granular control over all updates via approvals and policies
  • Visibility of endpoints missing updates allowing for quick and easy remediation

Action1 Cloud RMM Launch

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