Tools for remote working

Now more than ever, businesses need to have a quick option to enable their employees to be able to keep working securely whilst in lockdown or self-isolating at home. Brigantia partners can provide this to their end user customers.

Keeping it secure

Ensure that the home computers which are being used are not going to cause security breaches on an employer’s network. This is overcome by providing Heimdal Thor Premium to all employees who are going to work from home on their own computers.

Safely access work PCs from home

ISL Online: This provides a secure link so that a member of staff can take over their work PC’s desktop remotely. This means that everything that they can do on their work PC, they can now do from home.

Keep employees vigilant

There has been a 667% rise in phishing since the start of the pandemic. KnowBe4 phishing simulations and new school training are required now more than ever before.

Training for new ways of working

It could be time to make more use those Office 365 subscriptions: for example, start using Teams to hold meetings, share documents, chat internally, etc. Mi Crow provides the ideal training solution for those needing to know how to use such new tools.

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