Why don’t people use password managers?

Why don’t people use password managers?

30th September 2020 Security, Technology

People use weak passwords for a variety of reasons, the most common being to avoid the hassle of creating and remembering complex passwords. What a lot of people don’t realize is that many of the memory and inconvenience related pains can be removed by using a password manager. Password managers can generate, store, and automatically supply passwords to websites and other applications. So why haven’t these tools achieved widespread adoption?

Certainly, lack of security awareness is a contributing factor. People don’t see why they need a password manager to store a few passwords for all their accounts nor know the risks associated with poor password hygiene. Clearly, there is a need for effective education if more people are to adopt these tools.

Did you know that 90% of employee passwords can be cracked in six hours or less? 45% change passwords only when requested and 80% reuse passwords. There is a recurring theme here…

MSPs and MSSPs can help their customers with good password habits by educating them on the dangers of weak and reused passwords, and recommending the use of a password manager. Given that this is an avenue that MSPs and MSSPs should be exploring, why not start by offering the best one on the market?

Brigantia partners with Keeper Security, the leading password management solution. Keeper is a zero-knowledge platform that is easy to use and flexible for MSPs, with responsive support. Get in touch with Brigantia for a demonstration, a trial, or to simply find out more.  Please talk to your Brigantia account manager, email partnersupport@brigantia.com or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090.

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