Welcome to Heimdal’s New Channel Partner Programmes

Welcome to Heimdal’s New Channel Partner Programmes

20th July 2021 Brigantia, Security

Brigantia is proudly Heimdal’s Master Distributor for the UK & Ireland.

Brigantia, back in 2016, was hugely impressed by the unique nature of Heimdal’s technology which was built following the founders winning the CTF World Hacking Championships.

The technology remains unique to this day and the product has now expanded to encompass eight different modules which are all specifically designed to reduce an organisation’s cyber risk. Heimdal takes a fully modular approach, which allows channel partners to grow their revenue streams by adding layers of security in a flexible and scalable way.

Heimdal remains the only vendor in the market to combine: next generation anti-virus; traffic filtering down to DNS level on the endpoint; and silent, automated third party patch management. And that’s just three of the modules that are available! 

Please explore the Partner Programme and find which elements will best suit you by following the links below: 

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