The Email Laundry

Email Security as a Service – Making your emails safe

Protection from Spam, Viruses & Phishing Emails

The Email Laundry is the Leading cloud based email security service.

  • Over 99.8% spam capture and zero false positives
  • Phishing protection
  • URL scanning
  • Catches viruses 22 hours before signature based
  • AV engines
  • Automatic updates promote 24/7 anti spam accuracy
  • Manages spam away from your network, saves bandwidth usage by up to 90%
  • Protects productivity by reducing time wasted by users filtering messages
  • Stops all known viruses
  • Low administration footprint
  • Zero end user disruption
  • Protection from Denial of Service attacks
  • No hardware, no software, no maintenance, no hassle
  • The world Leader in reputation based filtering

How the service works

The Email Laundry’s world leading algorithims determine whether an email connection is a genuine email server or just more internet “noise”. If it’s just noise the customer doesn’t need to see the traffic and the connection is dropped. The logs are retained on the service for reference.

Each email is then scanned through 4 anti virus engines. These engines are continually changing to take advantage of the best performing engine. Two of these scanners are signature based and two behavioural based to capture new viruses and malware. The service captures new viruses on average 22 hours before the best known commercial AV engines.

Level 3 : CONTENT
Every email goes through a range of filters examining different aspects of the content of the email data. These include examining embedded UR L’s for Linking to malicious sites, examining our own spam fingerprinting service against our spam traps, examining header and body content for obvious “spammer” give aways .

The customer has a number of options to determine what is blocked such as blocking sound, video or executable files. The customer can also implement white and black Lists. This is all set up in a customer web interface.

“We currently use all features of the Email Laundry Service and find it to be a comprehensive and highly reliable solution for us and our clients. We have experienced Exchange down times recently and thankfully had the Email Laundry Email Continuity Service to use during these down times which was hugely important to the service we offer. Support from the guys in Email Laundry has been excellent.” Ian O’Callaghan, IT Service Provider.

Email Continuity as a Service – Always available email

Email Continuity is provided through a highly available, feature rich Business Continuity (BC) Web Mail service providing off-site remote access to email.

Business continuity is available during both disaster and normal operation. To support this, a rolling capture window is established by the system, which is designed to capture inbound mail as it passes through the filtering service and route copies of the mails to the Business Continuity mail server hosted in The Email Laundry infrastructure. Each individual that has subscribed to the BC service has a hosted mailbox allocated to them.

Webmail message capture provides easy access

Each inbound mail that is received by The Email Laundry MTAs for filtering will be delivered to a Business Continuity mailbox hosted on The Email Laundry’s infrastructure in addition to being delivered to the inbound mail server within the customer’s organisation. These messages will accrue over a period before being timed out after 14 days. The net result is a rolling 14-day window of mail being held in an off-site mail store with mail accessible to the end-user throughout.

In the event of disaster, end-users are able to log in to the off-site mail store via a fully functional Web Mail interface where they can read received mail items. This can also be made available to users through an Outlook Webfolder so they never have to leave their familiar email client. During an outage on the mail server, inbound mail will continue to be routed to the BC mail stores, and a copy of the original inbound mail will be queued for delivery until the organisation’s core email infrastructure is back on line. By default, inbound mail is queued for 5 days – but in the event of a major outage this can be extended.

With access to off-site Web Mail, end-users may also use this to respond to the mail as they would normally, allowing business to continue unheeded via email. This capability can be achieved with no additional hardware or software on-site and no change of email address required.


  • Rolling message capture for 14 days.
  • Webfolder access from Outlook.
  • Webmail access from any browser.
  • Mailbox synchronised once disaster is over.
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