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The Simplified Solution

Improve Your IT Business Processes with MSP Manager

Every business needs processes in order to manage operations and to grow. If your business doesn’t have streamlined, efficient systems in place, managing your customers’ IT issues could be difficult.

Without an integrated, robust tool you’re likely to overlook an important issue or not resolve a problem in time, and this could result in an unhappy customer and lead to losing their business. The problem with not using a tool to manage your systems doesn’t stop there, it also means that you are not efficiently tracking customer inputs, knowledge or history. This could impact your decision making throughout the life of your business.

How do you ensure that you are using the best solution?

You need a simple and effective solution that requires the minimum investment, straightforward training, and has the ability to manage all IT tasks within an automated system. We guarantee that MSP Manager will allow your business to deliver excellent and professional customer service by simplifying all your current processes.

Improve business process with a comprehensive solution

Introducing MSP Manager
MSP Manager will be the centre point of your business, bringing all functions together – from customer details and communications to case histories and knowledge – allowing you to make fact-based decisions.

MSP Manager is flexible and cost effective

  • You can start with a risk-free 30-day trial 
  • MSP Manager is priced per ‘staff seat’ per month. ‘Staff seat’ refers to the number of agents you have not your end users 
  • Our pricing model gives you the opportunity to have more flexibility in your own pricing structure and profit margins 
  • And there’s free 24×7 technical support by phone or by email 
  • No long-term contracts – cancel any time and we stop billing you that same day 
  • We bill you by invoice at the end of each month
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