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Email Security

The need for comprehensive email security is greater than ever

Email continues to be the most common attack vector by which networks are compromised and malware spread. Spam still comprises the majority of messages sent, while blended threats and phishing attacks continue to grow in both volume and sophistication. Too often, existing antivirus and anti-spam solutions are vulnerable to emerging threats.

Adaptive Spam Defence

A core component of any email security solution is highly accurate spam detection. Mail Assure Protection blocks spam in the cloud through a robust combination of methodologies for message analysis, including:

  • Authenticity Checks encompassing detailed header analysis, SMTP conversation details, message encoding and formatting, and other characteristics
  • Message Fingerprinting to compare email signatures to known spam messages
  • An extensive, continually updated Heuristic Rule Set
  • Real-Time Message Source Analysis to assess whether an increased volume of mail flow is a legitimate high-volume mailing or the result of a spammer hijacking vulnerable systems
  • Pattern Detection that can detect emerging spam based on recurring patterns
  • Customisable whitelists and blacklists that can be applied on an account-wide, organisation-wide,
    domain-wide, or user-specific basis

The result of this comprehensive approach is an extremely accurate system for detecting spam, backed by an industry-leading service level agreement that guarantees 99% spam detection and no more than one false positive for every 100,000 messages.

Robust email security encompasses not only protection against the obvious threats to security but also the less obvious threats to productivity. Given the critical nature of email as a communication tool for businesses, any downtime can have a substantial impact on an organisation’s productivity.

The Mail Assure Protection service from LogicNow provides built-in, automatic email continuity to ensure that users can easily continue to access and respond to email at all times, in addition to robust defence against spam, viruses, and other email-borne threats.

Sophisticated Threat Detection

Viruses are growing in sophistication. Social engineering or web-based threats are increasingly combined disseminated across the globe in just minutes, while the periodic emergence of new types of attacks such as the Cryptolocker virus seems to change the threat landscape overnight.

The need to protect networks and devices against malware is clear. What is less well understood is the vulnerability that many organisations still face, even with an antivirus solution already in place.

Most antivirus solutions are signature-based systems. This means that when a new virus emerges, antivirus software may only detect the threat if that virus matches an existing signature, or only after the antivirus vendor has had time to develop and distribute an updated signature that recognises the new virus. This creates a window of vulnerability that can endure for hours or even days, during which time the organisation is at risk. Robust security is essential to ward off these threats, including the use of multiple scanning engines with the appropriate technology to fight zero-day and even zero-hour attacks.

Mail Assure Protection offers a unique, powerful combination of defences including traditional signature-based virus engines, virtualisation-based malware detection technology, and zero-hour pattern-based antivirus defence. These technologies block email-borne malware – including fast-moving threats – faster than traditional signature-based systems, dramatically reducing risks for customers. Mail Assure Protection’s robust malware defence is backed by an industry-leading service level agreement that guarantees customers 100% detection of all email-borne malware.

Email Continuity

Email is the lifeblood of today’s organisations, so it is critical that this communication channel is online at all times. Regardless of whether the customer is hosting its own email or using a third-party service such as Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365, the impact on productivity of even a short outage can be significant.

Mail Assure Protection’s built-in email continuity requires no prior preparation or training, and automatically begins working in the event of any temporary issues with the customer’s primary infrastructure – DNS issues, network or routing problems, hardware or software errors, or maintenance windows. More than simple queuing of messages, the continuity within Mail Assure Protection allows end users to easily continue to access and respond to messages, while their primary infrastructure is off-line. Given the importance of ongoing email communications, a continuity solution should be a requirement for every organisation’s email security plan. Email is a critical communication tool for almost all businesses. Mail Assure Protection customers can rest assured that they are protected by continuously improving, comprehensive email security encompassing highly accurate spam detection, robust virus defence, and built-in email continuity, to maximise their productive use of email.

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