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Prevent issues before they happen

Gain actionable insights on emerging IT issues and threats from big data analysis of millions of endpoints.

For any business, IT issues and threats are constantly looming. How do you prepare for the unknown? Get better insight.

LOGICcards is the world’s first real-time machine learning solution that leverages the collective intelligence of hundreds of thousands of networks and millions of endpoints across its entire network. Using this data, LOGICcards alerts you to issues before they occur – giving you actionable insights.

With LOGICcards, it’s like having a bodyguard and data scientist on staff, 24/7, to help you make smarter network decisions.

Three types of insights

  • Current environment – Get alerts to key issues, such as incomplete software or missing antivirus protection.
  • System forecasting – Spot potential problems by getting alerts based on issues other IT professionals across the globe are currently experiencing.
  • Proactive solutions – Get data-driven advice on issues, such as high bandwidth usage, to prevent problems before they happen.

Benefit from predictive insights

  • Security – Get alerts on risks such as software missing critical security patches or endpoints missing antivirus protection.
  • Efficiency – Streamline your systems with notifications on efficiency issues such as problematic assets or users.
  • How-to tips and tricks – Learn how to get the most from the features in MAX Remote Management.
  • Collective intelligence – Compare your network to the larger industry on aspects such as
    time-to-patch or device age.

Leverage machine learning

  • Tailored recommendations – LOGICcards uses machine learning to adapt to your preferences so you only see the most relevant recommendations for you.
  • Continuously evolving information – Our data science team constantly develops new cards – so you always get the latest in collective intelligence.
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