Zero Trust Networking

Lock down your access
Secure your resources

The “Zero-Trust” model has been widely accepted, for a long time, as an organisation’s goal for secure access. However, in practice, without “starting again” and migrating all existing infrastructure to a new SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) access network, implementing Zero-Trust concepts proves complex, very expensive and extremely time consuming.

Significantly, most non-web applications do not support Zero-Trust concepts and are inherently uncooperative with MFA solutions. Thus, it has been a challenge for years to modernise Secure Access to such mixed (often legacy) environments.

Safe-T’s ZONEZERO is an industry first. It allows you to do everything from; implement a new SDP solution, to simply enhance your legacy VPN access security (add MFA to any VPN), and/or add MFA to any service or application.

  • Access only after trust is validated
  • Hide services from unauthorised users
  • Reduce attack surface by closing incoming firewall ports (Customer firewall continuously in deny-all state)
  • Dynamically provide access to services
  • Support all users and all applications, with seamless user experience
  • Protect and control data access and usage
  • Behavioural Analytics detects presence of bots and authenticated malicious insiders
  • End-to-end monitoring of application access flow

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ZoneZero - PAO


ZoneZero - SDP


ZoneZero - MFA


ZoneZero - VPN