Automated business continuity planning

A comprehensive, automated continuity planner for creating, managing, and delivering continuity plans

What Plan4Continuity offer

Plan4Continuity gives organisations intelligent, automated workflows for business continuity planning. Built and managed through an online centralised dashboard, Plan4Continuity streamlines the continuity process by bringing the plan to an online portal that can be edited easily and used to effectively carry out a plan in action.

Why choose Plan4Continuity?


Comprehensive continuity planner


Create any plan in minutes in the online portal


Manage and navigate your continuity plan in real time


Automatically create cloud-based reports


Declare & Event Technology: trigger, manage and report an event at the click of a button


Streamline audit management to oversee the entire audit lifecycle


eBook: Layman's guide to business continuity planning

Everything you need to know about business continuity planning.

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