ISL Online

Support your clients remotely

Connect over the Internet to a computer or mobile device in seconds.

Using ISL Online you can view the screen and control the desktop to provide fast remote support for your clients.

Remote Support

Connect over the Internet to a computer or mobile device in seconds. View the screen and control the desktop to provide fast remote support for your clients.

Support your clients remotely maximum security
Your remote connections will be protected by AES 256-Bit End-to-end Encryption.

Support mobile devices
Access and control mobile devices to troubleshoot problems. Details are available on our website.

Customise the app
Match remote desktop application with your corporate design and build on your brand.

Reboot and reconnect
Switch user, log off or reboot a remote computer within the same support session.

Remote access

Access an unlimited number of remote computers, servers and mobile devices from one place. Manage programs, files and apps via the Internet.

Desktop icon
Connect to your remote computers with one click without opening a web browser.

Unlimited file sharing
Share files from your computer without uploading them to the cloud and access them quickly from anywhere.

Wake on LAN
Access a remote computer even if it’s turned off, in hibernation or in standby mode.

Remote system information
Gather a remote computer’s vital information, like CPU, memory and data drives.

Live chat

Be there for your website visitors when they need you. Answer sales inquiries or provide technical support immediately via live chat.

Real-time customer support
Offer your clients instant answers and support without them having to resort to phone or e-mail.

Easy to add
Copy a few lines of HTML/JavaScript code into your website source code and have your own live chat button.

Remote desktop via live chat
Pass from a chat to technical assistance via remote desktop with just one click and speed up the ticket resolution process.

Fully customisable
Offer your customers a new service in colours and logos they know and trust.

Web conference

Organise online meetings, live webinars and online training. Connect your team over the Internet to reduce expensive business trips while gaining flexibility and time.

Meet online to share ideas
Email an invitation link to share a screen or presentation.

Deliver online seminars, lectures and workshops to wider audiences.

Session recording
Play back the recorded online meetings or webinars and reuse existing content.

Chat, VOIP & video
Do not cut back on the personal touch. Communicate face to face using a webcam and a headset.


This is what our clients say…

  • 80% of all technical tickets solved through remote support
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Operator’s performance improved by 30% All in one solution for numerous online scenarios
  • Considerable money savings
  • One license for a whole corporate group
  • Unique licensing model produces a strong ROI
  • 65%+ decrease in support costs
  • Time savings
  • Decreased administration operations Integration with existing business software
  • Outstanding technical support performed by ISL Online professionals

Our Users

“We are very satisfied with the product we have chosen. The ISL Online remote support tool ISL Light offers reliability, high speed and high quality screen sharing and session recording, while the product is extremely easy to use.”
Dietmar Elsler, Raiffeisen Online

“Compared to a similar service from another provider, we have saved more than €1,000 by choosing ISL Online.”

Hari K Adithyan, Dutco Balfour Beatty

“The Corporate Licence does not limit the number of users, workstations or simultaneous active connections, which is great for us.”
Joerg Sitzlack, Konica Minolta, Business Solutions Europe

200,000+ businesses
100+ countries
10,000,000+ sessions per year