Cloud Business Phones

Cloud Telephony Packed With Clever Features To Help You Make The Most Of Your Communications

Cloud Business Phones provides a comprehensive range of facilities and features that allow businesses to link their fixed and mobile telephony easily and efficiently, helping them to improve their productivity and corporate image.

A system that gives you premium features as standard

Cloud Business Phones is packed with clever features to help businesses make the most of their communications:

  • Easy access to contacts, voicemail and faxes, plus clever features that make it easy to monitor and take calls – even when you’re out and about.
  • Call pick-up groups and easy ways to share and transfer calls, contacts and voicemails to support efficient team-working.
  • Music on hold and smart features that mean callers don’t have to be left hanging on the line.
  • Built-in security and fail-safe business continuity features.

A system that’s easy for everyone

Using Cloud Business Phones is just like using a traditional telephone, and you don’t need any specialist knowledge or skills to make the most of all the features the system provides.

A system that makes the most of all your telecommunications

Cloud Business Phones is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, whether they operate from one location or multiple sites. Cloud Business Phones also allows businesses to link their office phones to mobiles, making it perfect for companies whose employees are regularly on the move.

A system that can grow with your business

No matter how often your business may go through changes, Cloud Business Phones can change with you. Changing or adding new users, adding extra phones to the network, updating any of your system preferences – you have complete control of the way your phone network is configured.

A system that is affordable, as well as efficient

Cloud Business Phones comes as a fully featured system with administrative features that make it easy to manage your system and monitor your usage, performance and costs.

Cloud Business Phones Features

Cloud Business Phones is packed with clever features to help your customers make the most of their telephone communications. They can easily configure preferences both for individual phones and for their phone network through the web portal. They can also set many of the most common features direct from the handsets.

System Administration

Cloud Business Phones is a hosted, cloud telephony service that is easy to use and simple to configure: a virtual PBX. Calls are made and received over a voice-over-internet broadband connection: configure and monitor your phones through a very straightforward web portal.

Cloud Business Phones Advantages