Brigantia launches Untangle: Q&A with SVP of Product and Marketing

Brigantia launches Untangle: Q&A with SVP of Product and Marketing

19th July 2021 Brigantia

As part of the launch with Untangle, Brigantia put forward some questions to Untangle’s Heather Paunet, SVP, Product and Marketing, to hear how Untangle’s NG Firewall fills a gap in the market.

  1. Who is Untangle?

Untangle is an innovator in cybersecurity designed specifically for the below-enterprise market, safeguarding businesses, home offices, non-profits, schools and governmental organizations. Our Network Security Framework takes the complexity out of network security – saving you time, money and frustration with an integrated suite of software and appliances that provides enterprise-grade capabilities and consumer-oriented simplicity to organizations with limited IT resources. Our award-winning network security solutions are trusted by over 40,000 customers around the world and we are headquartered in San Jose, California.

  1. What is Untangle NG Firewall?

NG Firewall is part of Untangle’s Network Security Framework, which provides all the networking and security components to support one, or multiple office locations. NG Firewall consists of a broad suite of technology applications, or ‘apps,’ which make NG Firewall exceptionally easy to use. Each technology application allows network administrators or IT personnel to manage several layers of security within the network, blocking, partitioning, or creating policy-specific access rules throughout the network. This ability to create security layers ensures that if any malicious access to the network were to occur, cybercriminals would not have access to the full business database.

NG Firewall also has flexible deployment options, making it a great fit for any MSP’s portfolio. NG Firewall can be installed on existing hardware, deployed in a virtual machine, or it can be deployed in the cloud in AWS or Azure.  We also support a line of hardware appliances for MSPs that prefer a preinstalled networking appliance pre-configured and ready to go.

It’s easy to set up, comes with the most common defaults and will start protecting the network with very little effort. In addition, it has rich and flexible reporting that ensures businesses are able to meet audit and compliance requirements with the click of a few buttons.

  1. What makes Untangle NG Firewall different to the rest of the market?

Designed specifically for organizations with limited IT resources and budgets, NG Firewall provides a browser-based, responsive and intuitive interface enabling you to quickly gain visibility into the traffic on the network. From content filtering to advanced threat protection, VPN connectivity to application-based shaping for bandwidth optimization, NG Firewall delivers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade network security platform for organizations in any industry.

  1. How will MSP’s clients benefit from Untangle NG Firewall?

When you work with an MSP that uses Untangle, you get access to a layered approach for protection. Our Network Security Framework is meant to secure all areas of a network and with the addition of an MSP, you’re getting a full service support style approach to additional security. Untangle leverages a fully cloud supported console which gives MSPs alerting, day to day analysis and a dashboard style high level review at a glance to ensure nothing is out of place. Should an end user site go offline, or be hit with some malice activity, Untangle alerts the MSP immediately to take action. Again, showcasing the multi-layer approach to protecting you and your network.

  1. Why did you choose to work with Brigantia as your distribution partner?

We’re excited about our new partnership with Brigantia and feel it will enable IT teams to provide a comprehensive monitoring and control solution across client networks, and will provide protection across the entire digital attack surface.

  1. What can we look forward to, as future MSP users and MSP end users, from Untangle?

You can look forward to innovation as the technology landscape continues to evolve. With MSPs and SMBs being our strategic focus over the last few years, when most businesses shifted to remote work in 2020, we were already set up for the remote workforce before we knew it would become the new normal. We continue to build, support and enhance our Network Security Framework to be the go to for MSPs and their end users. We also ensure to stay one step ahead to provide top of the line technology for MSPs to support their end users, so end users can focus on their business and not their networks.

Please join the Untangle webinar on 5th August at 15:00.

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