GDPR One Year On… Introducing CyberSmart’s GDPR Smart

GDPR One Year On… Introducing CyberSmart’s GDPR Smart

14th May 2019 Technology

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is not a fast-moving department normally. In fact, nearly a year into having GDPR in effect in the UK and so far, not a single company has been prosecuted under the new rules.

To my knowledge, there are two reasons for this: the first was that when the new Data Protection Act (DPA 2018) brought GDPR into UK law, the ICO had a backlog. This backlog has been dealt with by increasing the number of ICO staff manyfold. The second reason is not really a reason so much as a modus operandi: it takes time for a case to make it through the systems of the ICO. Sometimes this can be years…

The short version is that you should still care about GDPR. It is here, it is not going away and just because your front door has not been kicked down by ICO shock troops, this does not mean that you can ignore these new rules.

Now we have that straight and nearly one year on; wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to get your GDPR stuff sorted without the need for lots of expensive consultants? Allow me to introduce you to CyberSmart’s GDPR Smart.

The GDPR Smart module helps you by:

  • Checking and resolving security issues across your network in real time;
  • Using Smart Policies for digital distribution amongst staff;
  • Awarding IASME and GDPR Readiness certification.

Steps to achieving GDPR readiness with GDPR Smart

1. Digitally Assess

The GDPR Smart module will analyse and determine your current position. Data mapping and digital privacy impact assessments are carried out and if present, it will also compare your existing policies against GDPR compliant ones. You’ll know where you stand in no time.

2. Implement GDPR

Update your website and contracts with your new data protection policies. Use Smart Policies to digitally distribute all your internal policies. The GDPR Smart module will prompt your team until they have read and agreed to them – all digitally. In your dashboard, you’ll see the status of your rollout in real time.

3. Achieve Certification

Achieve GDPR readiness certification by going through the certification process. Ready-made templates with model answers and guided support make the process easy.

4.Maintain Continuous Compliance

As new team members join your company, they use the CyberSmart app to instantly read and sign your policies. Weekly email reports will let you know everything is in order and it will also remind you when it is time to renew your certification.

For more information on CyberSmart’s GDPR Smart give me a ring on 020 3358 0090 or drop me an email:

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