…the benefits of belonging

…the benefits of belonging

26th September 2017 Uncategorised

Brigantia Partners technology channel community

At the recent Channel Live event in Birmingham I was asked by one of the original Brigantia Partners in what direction that we were taking Brigantia over the coming couple of years. The reason for the question was that he had noticed quite how much emphasis the management team had been putting in developing the wholesale distribution side of the business since the management buyout from Techgate plc back in January 2016 and he wondered if the long-established technology channel subscription community was taking a back seat. This caused me to pause and think as I have been asked the same question quite often during 2017.

Over the last eighteen months the Brigantia management team have invested both money and time in developing the broadband, ethernet and managed services wholesale distribution business. A range of best in class vendors were approached and wholesale distribution agreements put in place. The result of this has been to turn the Brigantia technology community de-facto into a true buying group for recurring revenue generating services. The goal has been very much to help our existing and new partners build value in their businesses based on a multiple of their recurring revenue income. The process has been ongoing and by the end of 2017 we hope to have a full portfolio of services that covers pretty much everything a partner reseller or MSP needs to run and develop their business over the coming few years.

Part of developing our managed services business has lead us to recognise the importance of cyber security and to this end we believe that we have developed a product portfolio that sets our partners apart from the crowd. We have secured master distribution rights on many specialist products and services. The marketing arm of Brigantia has then worked with these vendors to drive awareness and to push sales opportunities toward our partners businesses. Some partners have added tens of thousands of pounds to their annual recurring revenues and thus have enhanced their gross profit in turn increasing the value of their businesses as a multiple of this. 2018 will see a greater focus on marketing and pushing more sales opportunities for our partners.

So Brigantia has truly become a specialist buying group of broadband, ethernet and managed services with a specialism around cyber security. What does this mean for those long-standing subscribing Brigantia Partner resellers and MSPs? What extra do they get above and beyond what non-partners can access from our wholesale distribution business? Well while we have been developing the wholesale distribution business to the advantage of all our partners we have also been quietly developing what we now call the Brigantia Partner Benefits Programme.

Two areas:

Business Owner & Employee Benefits

  • Brigantia Card offering 7% discount with selected partners
  • Free Gourmet & Taste Card
  • Discounted Fuel
  • 4% off your weekly shop…

…find lots more benefits at our benefits programme website www.brigantiabenefits.com.

Business Benefits

  • Free Legal & Business Telephone Help Line;
  • Special Rates on Business Leasing;
  • Special Rates on Direct Debit Processing;
  • Special Rates on Credit & Debit Card Processing;
  • Access to Regular CPD and Vendor Update Webinars;
  • Access to Sales and Sales Management Training Webinars;
  • Access to the Brigantia marketing team to assist with local campaigns and events;
  • Regular Brigantia Partner Events and Club Stands at Selected Trade Shows & Vendor Days;
  • One Free ADSL or ½ price FTTC broadband connection;
  • From October 1st, 2017 Terra Computer UK – quarterly 1% rebate on all Terra Computer OEM branded hardware purchased directly from Wortmann AG on the Brigantia Partners scheme;
  • Plus, many more intangible benefits from belonging to a long-established technology partner community.

So, whether you want to join and subscribe to the Brigantia Partner reseller and MSP community or simply access our wholesale distribution business the Brigantia management team are here to add value to your business. To contact the team please visit www.brigantia.com, call us on 020 3358 0090 or email partnersupport@brigantia.com.

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