Terms and Conditions


This “Agreement” is a legal agreement between you, (the Partner) and Brigantia Partners Limited. Unless otherwise indicated in this Agreement, all communications with Brigantia should be directed to Brigantia by email to accounts@brigantia.com or by post to Unit 7, College Business Park, Kearsley Road, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 2RN. By applying to be a Subscriber to Brigantia, the Partner is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


The Partner agrees to provide complete and accurate information in the registration process. The Partner agrees not to provide any registration information that is false, misleading or incorrect. The Partner also agrees to notify Brigantia if any of their registration information changes, immediately and in writing.

If at any time Brigantia has any reason to believe that any of the Partner’s registration information is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or otherwise incorrect, Brigantia reserves the right to terminate the Subscription.


The registration process asks for bank account direct debit authority. In the event that a payment from the Partner is due to Brigantia and the direct debit service is not available as an option for collection, Brigantia reserves the right to request an immediate CHAPS/FASTPAY payment. If a payment is found by Brigantia to not be due then Brigantia will refund the payment to the Partner as soon as is reasonably possible.

Subscription to Brigantia is either in one month or one year periods. Subscription invoices will be issued for twelve one month periods or annually depending on the subscription period agreed. Unless Brigantia receives written notification of cancellation at least fourteen days prior to the end of a one month or annual subscription period then payment for the subsequent period remains due. If there is a change in the amount being invoiced for subscription then Brigantia will provide notice of the change via email to the Partner’s designated email address at least fourteen days before the subscription invoice is issued. The Partner assumes all liability for the email address validity.

If a Partner wishes to use a different payment method, or if there is a change in their bank details, or if the member believes that its account has been accessed by Brigantia without authorisation then the Partner must contact Brigantia via email to accounts@brigantia.com as soon as possible.

Should the Partner have an invoicing discrepancy, Brigantia must be contacted as soon as possible by post addressed to Brigantia Partners Limited, Unit 7, College Business Park, Kearsley Road, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 2RN. If the Partner does not bring such a discrepancy to Brigantia’s attention within sixty days then the Partner agrees to waive all rights to dispute said discrepancy.

Brigantia reserves the right to change the amount of charges, fees and subscription, and to change the invoicing cycle. Brigantia also reserves the right to change the types of services offered; Partners will be notified of such changes via the Brigantia website. Brigantia reserves the right to terminate any Brigantia subscription, at any time for any reason, and without notice.


Brigantia takes the Partners’ privacy and confidentiality seriously. The Partners’ bank details, personal information, billing information and all other information is held in the strictest privacy.

Brigantia’s vendor, service provider and distributor alliance partners operate their own services, and they are responsible for their own privacy policies. Brigantia’s vendor, service provider and distributor alliance partners are solely responsible for how they use the information they acquire from or about the Partner, and the Partner should review the privacy policy of any Brigantia alliance partner before ordering goods or services from them.


Brigantia uses email as the primary means of contacting partners. The Partner agrees that Brigantia may send emails to the email address provided by the partner at the time of registration and at other times so provided.

Brigantia holds the Partners’ email address and related personal information in strict confidence. Brigantia does not sell or rent lists of Brigantia partners’ email


All Partners agree to abide by the Brigantia Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as published and amended from time to time at www.brigantia.com. The Partner agrees to display the Brigantia Technology Partner accreditation mark logo where appropriate. The Partner agrees to add a Brigantia Technology Partner logo and link to their website and to promote their Brigantia Technology Partner accreditation in local marketing and advertising carried out. Upon request, the Partner will make available to Brigantia copies of all marketing, publicity and advertising materials carrying the Brigantia Technology Partner accreditation mark logo and / or any reference to Brigantia which the Partner has had published or produced in the twelve months prior to the request.


Brigantia does not accept any liability for losses or damages that the Partner may suffer as a result of their Brigantia subscription.


This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.