Stay Lucky!

Stay Lucky!

12th March 2018 Security

Back when people did not really understand much of the world around them, a lot believed that carrying a rabbit’s foot would bring them good luck.

Much the same sort of thinking is used today in relation to computer security: A mysterious product called “Anti-Virus” acts as a talisman and saves computers from getting “viruses”. Those holding this belief have about as much understanding of world around them as their rabbit foot wielding ancestors had shown about their world. Accordingly, these people feel safe, protected by the magic of the “Anti-Virus”.

Those of us that are a little more enlightened demand more than a rabbit’s foot, or a sense of being lucky, to take care of our business networks. We need to know emphatically, not just that we are safe, but how we are safe. Heimdal provides ongoing reports, showing where it has saved your network from when an employee clicked on a link on a phishing email in his inbox and when a webpage redirect was about to inject malicious code onto a network PC. Heimdal can protect because Heimdal sees data traffic, it works in ways that no other security product can.

Heimdal is a complete computer security package and unlike anything else on the market, it monitors network and internet data traffic, not just files. It provides reports of where breaches have been attempted and of which employees are prone to clicking the wrong thing and could do with a bit of training about safe PC usage…

In short, your options are that you can find out more about using Heimdal to keep your business network functioning smoothly without ransomware, data leakage or general malware: alternatively, you can close your eyes, hold tightly onto your rabbit’s foot and hope that either that or your current (incomplete) computer security solution will keep you lucky. Your choice.

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