Rollover or Double-Down?

Rollover or Double-Down?

17th August 2020 Brigantia, Security, Technology

OK, so you have an MSP / MSSP / Reseller business. Some of your clients will be struggling these days; various parts of the economy are currently taking some serious beatings. In Keynesian terms, the normal thing to do would be to revise your forecasts downward, reduce your spending, reduce your overheads and basically batten down the hatches in an attempt to whether this storm. I wish to propose a different course of action.

Don’t get me wrong, neither you nor I can change the way that the economy is stacked at the moment. My point is that you are faced with a choice: you can either stick to your current business model, accept your lot, and get ready to tighten your belt: or you double-down, work out other income streams and try to more than make up for your reduced core business.

Now we have covered the “why” so let’s get to the “how”. Your business has two key activities: one is selling your services, and the other is providing the services that you have sold. Often, businesses like yours reach a certain size and get very caught up in the provision of services, to the detriment of sales activity. It is understandable: the provision of services is time consuming, then taking on people to look after this side becomes a priority, but now you have to manage them. Time passes, money comes in and after a while, unless a new client actively seeks you out, you don’t involve your self in sales activities. That was before a virus threw the world into recession; now you must actively change this pattern and find more revenue.

At Brigantia, there are many services which your business could be selling. I hear you say, “…but who is buying at a time like this?” The answer is that companies that wish to continue to trade are buying, and it is up to you to go and educate them as to why they need the services that you can provide. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Microsoft 365 has been widely adopted and yet its vulnerabilities are not known by many that use it. Brigantia’s bluedog has a Microsoft 365 Monitoring service which looks for such things as: failed and successful login attempts from unusual locations, data extractions from SharePoint or OneDrive, unusual logins to mailboxes on exchange, odd behaviour inside exchange, emails with suspected phishing etc, weird device updates, and strange user password changes / user updates / new users / deleted users, etc.

Once you inform your clients and prospects that Microsoft 365 is the fastest growing area of vulnerability for hackers to target businesses, explain the problem and then provide them with the option of this low-cost solution, you should be onto a winner. Apart from anything else, it is better that you get there before the hackers! Don’t be shy about telling them that either.

Another example is KnowBe4 security training. For your clients and prospects, the investment is small for the protection that it buys. After all, why would they spend money on various network and end-point security products, only to have an untrained member of staff fall for a phishing scam and lose the company data / money / reputation? Low monthly cost KnowBe4 training is the answer that they need, and there is no need for you to train up your staff and then allocate time to manage this as Brigantia has a turnkey managed service for you to use.

There are many more services where those two came from so talk to your Brigantia account manager, email or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090 to find out more.

Surely the alternative of simply accepting that these hard times are going to hurt your business can’t be that appealing…

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