Retrofitted MFA for existing solutions?

Retrofitted MFA for existing solutions?

20th January 2021 Brigantia
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Not that long ago, if I had been asked about this, I would have simply said that I cannot see how it would be possible. My assumption would have been that I would have had to somehow encode it into the application, or perhaps encrypt an executable (for all the good it would have done me!) However, if you ask me now, I actually have an answer that makes sense, is secure and is straightforward to implement.

From new Brigantia vendor, Safe-T comes ZoneZero: the zero-trust perimeter access controller for true zero trust network access (ZTNA). Safe-T’s new ZoneZero platform supports existing VPN solutions, removes the need to re-design the network and access flow, and allows organizations to support all access scenarios for all user types, locations, and applications.

Coming back to the question of MFA, ZoneZero MFA allows you to easily integrate multi-factor authentication and identity awareness into all access scenarios for remote and internal users, VPNs, web applications, and non-web applications. ZoneZero manages to achieve this by introducing central separation of the control plain from the data plain, providing visibility and awareness to any request for access, and enabling seamless addition of Multi-Factor Authentication into the existing flow.

I know, I had to read it few times before it sank in too. The short version is that this is an awesome solution which will save you / your clients a small fortune because it means that you do not necessarily have to replace your existing applications to increase the security around them. This is easy, solid and is at least worth your while to find out about.

These days, many businesses are juggling their tightening finances alongside a desperate need to improve cyber security: this could be just the solution that they need…

To find out more about Safe-T, email, speak to your Brigantia account manager or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090.

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