The New KnowBe4 App for Android and Apple Devices

October 7, 2022 | Brigantia , KnowBe4
Chris Speight

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Chris Speight

The New KnowBe4 App for Android and Apple Devices has been released!

Over the years that Brigantia has been providing the KnowBe4 service to its partners and their clients, there have been more than a few times that we’ve had requests for something that people can use on their phones. People don’t want to use the usual browser-based system on a small screen as it’s unwieldy and doesn’t work very well. KnowBe4 listened and has now released the KnowBe4 App!

There are lots of examples of where this could really pay dividends. Think about a business where there are many users based in a warehouse and / or diving vans, but they still need to occasionally interact with the business’s computers as part of their roles. They represent an unmanaged threat to that business, as they have little or no training about IT security, and certainly nothing as thorough and ongoing as a managed KnowBe4 programme.

In addition to security training, KnowBe4 has many other subjects covered in its approximately 1,700 bits of training of one sort or another. Subjects include GDPR, Discrimination, Ethics, Harassment, Incident reporting and Workplace safety. Plus, if a business finds something that is not already covered or is specific to them, they can upload training that they make themselves. Think of the KnowBe4 App as a learning management system that users can fit into their pockets and access from anywhere.

The App is easy for users to set up; they just need to open their cameras and follow a couple of QR codes, to first get the App and then to log in. Once in, the App is very straightforward to navigate in its professional, appearing environment. It is easy to both find and complete training modules, edit a user profile and pick up any messages that have been sent through the system.

Please think about which clients you have that have many users who are not office based and basically need a system like this to help safeguard their organisations. If your client doesn’t yet have KnowBe4, perhaps they would be interested in finding out more about this?

If you would like this switching on for yourselves or a client, then please email and let us know.

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