Should you pay to get out of Ransomware attacks?

March 17, 2022 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity
Angus Shaw

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Angus Shaw

Has your company been hit by Ransomware?

After spending the last few years ignoring the advice of your IT support company, (on the grounds that they were only trying to make money by scaremongering while you are sure that your defences are fine), that Ransomware attack that they’ve been warning you about has finally happened. What should you do?

The amount of money that the ransom demanding criminals are after will hurt a bit, but not as much as not getting your business functional ASAP. A quick Google on your phone, as that is the only internet connected device in the office that still works, it looks like you have a 65% chance of getting everything back if you pay up…

It has to be worth a go at the “quick fix”, so you work out what Bitcoin is and pay. By some minor miracle the data is returned, and you are simply glad that it is over and you can get back to trade as normal.

It would be a good idea to get your IT support company in to finally have that chat about preventing this sort of thing, but you are surprised when they seem to think that it is important that it happens today and is implemented ASAP.

The reasons are simple: Around 80% of organisations that get hit by Ransomware, get hit again soon afterwards. Once victims pay up, they are seen as good prospects for paying out again...

Another reason is that cyber criminals have just had complete access to your IT infrastructure, they will probably have put things in place so that they can get back into it whenever they want.

Ideally an organisation will listen to what an IT security expert is telling them before they get hacked as it will almost definitely be cheaper in the long run. If this happens then such things as Ransomware attacks should not be an issue. However, if an organisation has already had a Ransomware or similar attack then it is crucial that an IT security expert steps in as soon as possible, because not doing so places the organisation at greater risk than simply Ransomware.

IT security is not simple and straightforward, it is not something that people can just do. Brigantia has over 1000 partners across the UK and Ireland. Get in touch today to learn how we can put you in touch with one of these experts.

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