How Octiga makes managing your clients' Office 365 easier than ever before

January 24, 2023 | Brigantia , octiga
Elliot Wilkie

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Elliot Wilkie

Office 365 is becoming ubiquitous. It is linked to your client's data, employees, devices, processes, email, sharing, data storage, and remote access. Yet, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's a pain to administer.

Clients expect you to provide security best practises as part of essential Office 365 service offerings, so how will you accomplish this seemingly impossible task?

In theory, clients co-manage Office 365, but they have less understanding of security risks and less incentive to maintain their IT security posture when faced with more pressing business needs. When the inevitable breaches occur, MSPs are left to pick up the pieces and defend themselves. So not only are MSPs expected to manage Office 365 with all its challenges (how many clicks does it take to make one change?!), but security is also expected to be taken care of because it all falls under the "IT" umbrella.

Octiga provides comprehensive 'security posture-as-a-service,' with its multi-tenanted dashboard serving as a single point of contact for the entire security journey for all your clients: Protect - Detect - Remediate. Octiga is entirely cloud-based, requiring only a single secure one-click sign-in with Microsoft Office 365 credentials.

With best practise customisable baselines, confidence in delivering security best practises has never been higher. Octiga provides best practise baseline automation templates out of the box that can be customised, saved, and re-deployed to standardise or fit each client's unique business needs. Octiga's unique 'One-Click' remediation closes all security gaps on a single multi-tenanted dashboard. This enables instant corporatewide security for configuration, users, Azure AD groups, mailboxes, Teams, SharePoint, Intune, and all Office 365 services.

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