How can MSPs unlock growth with Awingu?

April 1, 2022 | Brigantia , Cybersecurity
Robert Hall

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Robert Hall

How can MSPs unlock growth with Awingu?

The managed services and cloud services markets are growing at the speed of light. Analyst company Markets and Markets expects the MSP market to grow at a yearly CAGR of 9.3% and reach $282Bn in size by 2023.

Current challenges faced by MSPs:

Signing up new customers: where a lot of MSP initially grew from referrals, that is not enough. Finding lead generation and customer acquisition mechanisms that are cost-effective is key to growth (and survival).

Keeping margins under control: with increases in scale, commoditization of cloud services (think of Microsoft Office 365), margins for MSPs are under pressure.

Marketing & positioning: when growing in scale, MSPs need to differentiate themselves. The ‘me-too’ position from the old days doesn’t work anymore.

Technology choices: MSP services are built on technology. Obviously, searching for the right solutions and vendors is a key to success; it drives costs (license costs, required infrastructure, number of support calls needed, etc.) and revenue opportunities (perceived customer value, willingness to pay) as well as agility and the ability to differentiate.

Security: businesses are increasingly aware of IT security challenges and compliance. As it is high on the end-customers list, it’s equally important for the MSP.

Finding and keeping (key) resources: this is obviously not a challenge specific to the MSP market. Yet, with a shortage in talented engineers, technical sales, etc., this is high on a lot of MSPs’ agendas.

Uptime & scalability: as MSPs (need to) grow, they increasingly face scalability issues. “Start small and grow from there.” It’s a good motto but doesn’t apply to the MSP business: technology choices must be made thoroughly and a strong technology strategy must be in place from day one.

How can MSPs benefit from Awingu?

Awingu was built with MSPs in mind...

Awingu is a Unified Workspace solution. It’s an alternative to classic VDI solutions. End-users simply access their workspace - including legacy Windows, Linux applications and full desktops, file shares, etc. – all in an HTML5-environment via any browser.

The access runs in a fully secured context, and there is nothing to install on the end-user device. As such, it offers full mobility without any device lock-in.

From an architectural perspective, Awingu is delivered in the form of a Linux based Virtual Appliance. It’s installed as a gateway on top of a classic back-end: Active Directory, external IdP, RDP based app servers & full desktops, web applications and file servers. The architecture is easy to set up and maintain, it’s scalable and cost-efficient..

Why would an MSP choose Awingu?

Why would an MSP choose awingu-1

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