Do you still save passwords in your browser? Here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider a more secure method...

February 7, 2022 | Brigantia , Keeper , Cybersecurity
Sean O'Neill

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Sean O'Neill

Are you still saving passwords to the browser? Here’s why you should seriously consider a more secure method…

We understand that saving passwords to the browser is simple. It allows you to save passwords that you would otherwise forget, and it's convenient because it automatically saves the passwords and fills them in for you!

While this is convenient, it is far from secure. With a mobile phone and Rubber Ducky (USB), hackers can steal all of your credentials. Plugging a Rubber Ducky into an unlocked device triggers a script that sends all usernames and passwords to a phone or server in seconds. Watch the video below...



This is just one example. Hackers also use low budget common malware that antivirus does not detect which is typically distributed through phishing emails.

To avoid these vulnerabilities in your organisation, users should disable the browser’s built in password management tool and opt for a much more robust password management solution that encrypts the data at record level. Exporting data from the browser into more secure solutions is incredibly easy and is executed with a single click in most cases and done in a matter of seconds.

Brigantia recommends using an enterprise password management solution, which allows organisations to enforce strong password policies while also providing visibility, control, and role-based policies. Using a password manager that offers a secure browser plugin enables you to use a more secure password management solution while maintaining the ease of use that the browser originally provided. Saving 2FA codes to your secure password manager tool offers even more efficiency when logging into your accounts with a single click rather than having a code sent to another device that you must then dig out each time.

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