Pushing water uphill

Pushing water uphill

10th June 2016 Uncategorised

If you’ve ever tried to push water uphill, you’ll understand the concept.

PC sales slipped 10 percent again this year. This is why it is vital that independents in the UK channel embrace the recurring revenue opportunities presented by broadband and ethernet connectivity as well the myriad of managed services available to both resell and to use themselves in order to enhance their business offerings.

The living for most micro and small independent channel resellers is no longer in hardware sales but in maintenance, support, connectivity and managed services. Convergence is not just a talking point but a reality now. The channel still needs repair businesses don’t get me wrong but those wanting to be more than repairers need to embrace the changed landscape to build their businesses. Hardware sales will still happen but the margin will be built from the service wrap around not the physical products.

5G and the Internet of Things are coming and it is vital that independents evolve their business models now so they are ready to support the next wave of technological change that is just around the corner. The landscape is going to change faster in the next five years than it has done in the last twenty-five.

Brigantia has embraced the changing channel landscape and has transformed into the only subscription based buying group, or aggregator, for broadband and managed services. This has been achieved by taking the credit risk centrally and by providing our partners with central purchasing on wholesale terms. The Brigantia model is to support our partner resellers with a partner benefits program and wholesale connectivity and managed services offering that allows them to concentrate on selling to and supporting their customers.

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