Popcorn Training launches GDPR and PII training videos

Popcorn Training launches GDPR and PII training videos

4th April 2018 Security

Why training is needed: Training is key to GDPR as if your staff doesn’t know and understand how to work in a compliant way, then you are fighting a losing battle.

Overcome the problems brought by training: The big problem with training is the downtime it causes as people being trained are not working. If everyone gets trained at the same time, then your business effectively stops while your staff learns. With Popcorn Training this does not happen as individuals fit the training in when they can spare the time (without the massive expense that this would cause if you had to get a trainer to work around their needs).

How it works: Popcorn Training creates stories that apply key learning points to the working environment; they explain potential threats, as well as how and why policies need to be complied with and what to do in the event on an incident. Key messages in the stories are based on industry best practice and include elements of security frameworks such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and PII.

Lock in the learning: Each video episode comes with a set of interactive quiz questions, reinforcing key messages and testing learners’ comprehension.

Invest half an hour of your time to see this for yourself:

Wednesday 11th April 2018 – 10:30 am to 11.00 am

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