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Orbital Technology

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About Orbital Technology

Orbital Technology is a specialist that provides a full outsourced IT department for small to medium enterprises. Orbital Technology provides enterprise level solutions to protect small businesses, cybersecurity support across many sectors, and all kinds of help to a wide array of businesses.



  • Orbital Technology has a variety of client types that require a wide range of solutions
  • All the solutions Orbital Technology provides need to maximise client productivity

Selected Vendors


“Brigantia are a very responsive distributor and consultancy partner.

Brigantia and their portfolio of vendors are going to be very important to us as we continue to grow our business and recurring revenue!

Brigantia know how to look after their reselling partners. They understand how a meaningful relationship will help grow their reselling partner’s businesses.

Brigantia layered approach to cybersecurity is very important in ensuring the end users remain safe from cyber threats.”

Peter Slack, Founder


“Brigantia’s range of cutting-edge products separates them from other security distributors.

Brigantia’s massive variety of unique products cover most of the stack that makes up our offering to our customers!

I regularly recommend Brigantia to my competitors and other resellers because Brigantia offer a set of services that will help the IT support sector on a whole step up and protect all our customers against the threats out there!

Brigantia has had a hugely positive effect on how we as a company can do business.

Brigantia’s services has allowed us to be proactive instead of reactive in protecting our clients.”

Peter Slack, Founder

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