Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 Monitoring

30th March 2020 Brigantia, Security, Technology

Bluedog Office 365 Monitoring – Protecting Office 365 from Malicious Attacks 

The advice from the government is to work from home where we can. This brings security challenges and hackers will make the most of it while the opportunity is there. With little time to prepare, businesses are taking full advantage of Office 365 as it’s a great way to stay connected and work collaboratively.  

Office 365 was already the fastest growing area of vulnerability for hackers to target businesses, but now we will see even more attacks in this medium. Ensure you have adequate security measures in place by monitoring your Office 365 users.  

In case you had not noticed, the world is in crisis; you must act NOW. 

To find out more about how bluedog can monitor malicious activity on Office 365 and protect your business, please call us on 020 3358 0090 or e-mail  

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