How can an MSP / MSSP business have the resources to sell and implement security training?

How can an MSP / MSSP business have the resources to sell and implement security training?

28th March 2019 Technology

The title says it all really: if your team is running at capacity doing what you do best then how can you possibly consider taking on selling training? And since when has security training fitted the managed service business model?

The answer is actually fairly straightforward:

  1. You sell the service to your client;
  2. Your IT techs setup a few things such as white-listing;
  3. Brigantia runs the service for you and you make money.

The costs of this are low and certainly there’s plenty of room for you to make a good ongoing margin. Brigantia can either deal directly with your client (white-labelled as your company or as Brigantia, in a “powered by” capacity – your choice), or your company can sit in the middle, passing on instructions from the client and all subsequent KnowBe4 reports going back through you.

The benefits to this are obvious: you don’t have to increase your costs by trying to run this inhouse, you get a professional service from experienced administrators, and all that you have to do is invoice the client!

KnowBe4’s world-leading security platform is really quite incredible in its functionality with the ability to provide more training than any other competing provider along with simulations of both Phishing and Vishing! The reporting is at least equally as advanced and flexible. This platform plus professional administration makes for an outstanding combination.

To summarise, you can have ongoing revenue from offering this service, which once it is set up requires little or no effort from your company. In short you have nothing to lose!

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