The main tool used by hackers to break into an organisation

The main tool used by hackers to break into an organisation

3rd April 2019 Technology

If you had to guess what the main tool that hackers use to get into an organisation is, what would you say? Would it be some fancy software developed by secret government agencies for clandestine missions? Maybe some secret, magical box of tricks as seen on some random Jason Bourne movie? If you thought either of these then you would be wrong: it is fraud.

Hackers pretend to be something that they are not in an effort to get you to reveal information that they can then use to nefarious ends: be it ransomware, straight theft from bank accounts or simple use of your network’s processing power for crypto-mining. The key in all of this is to get you to bypass your computer’s security systems and effectively open the door to the bad guys.

You may have some pretty serious cyber protection on your network, but it isn’t worth much if your staff get bamboozled by CEO Fraud or don’t know how to spot a spear-phishing attack when they see it. That’s right, the weakest point in your organisation is almost certainly your people and if you don’t actively do something about it, they can bring your whole house of cards down around your ears.

How do you stop this from happening? You train your people what to look for, how to spot those little telltale signs that something isn’t right, and then what to do in that situation where they are not sure. Training everyone the old-fashioned way is expensive: both in paying a trainer to come in and in downtime while people get trained. The sad thing is that it doesn’t tend to be all that effective either: two weeks and most of what your staff learnt will have been forgotten, six months and even the memory of having been trained is probably rather dim.

Your company needs ongoing training to keep security at the forefront of everyone’s awareness. It needs phishing simulations so that your people have practice with spotting such things and know exactly what to do with them. You need KnowBe4.

KnowBe4 is low in cost and high in results. The way that KnowBe4 refers to its services is perfect:

You are building a human firewall.

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