Microsoft’s Passwordless Login – Are You Sure?

Microsoft’s Passwordless Login – Are You Sure?

14th October 2021 Security, Technology

Is this really the direction that security is heading? Most people have more accounts that require passwords than they can count, so the concept of finding a solution that was not so prone to causing inconvenience does sound appealing. Add to that the terrible habits that people have with their passwords such as using the same one repeatedly or writing them down, and you can really see why this could be a winner. But is that what is really happening here with Microsoft though? Or is this just a way to abstract passwords, the same as other systems such as biometrics do?

The truth of the matter is that even though MS has gone passwordless, you still need to set up a password when you set up an account. You then have to use the password to log in and only then is the option to go passwordless provided. However, all that the passwordless option is doing is using a trigger to send the password to MS.

The system makes use of a phone app called Microsoft Authenticator and this is what is used instead of a password. Obviously, you need to log into your phone to be able to use the authenticator, so you may wind up asking yourself whether this is really easier. It is probably a good idea to make sure that you don’t lose your phone…

If you want proper passwordless technology then you need to use Keeper. You log into Keeper and then every other login that you need to do is done for you. This includes any 2FA that may have otherwise slowed you down. Keeper even can help you stay secure by generating new passwords for you when you need them.

Keeper takes only minutes to deploy, requires minimal ongoing management, and helps you secure your organisation.

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