Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks

Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks

29th September 2020 Security

Microsoft 365 is now a widely used cloud-based suite with over a million companies worldwide taking advantage of its productivity-enhancing capabilities.

In today’s COVID-19 world, more and more workers are operating from home, and chances of returning to the office in the near future are minimal. Collaborative working in a geographically diverse team is not easy and finding tools to achieve it has become something of a priority. Microsoft 365 is a ready-made bundle, making it an intuitive choice for a great many organisations.

Stay in Sync with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint allow employees to work on the same version of the document. When you use OneDrive, you can share and retrieve the same version of a document with OneDrive automatically updating any changes. You do this by creating a Microsoft 365 group or team.

Smart Searching with Smart Lookup

Have you ever received an email or opened a document and stumbled on a strange word? You can select the word, right-click, and use the smart lookup feature to find the word’s meaning without leaving the document.


You can select text and translate it to a different language. Start by going to the review tab. In the language section, click translate, and your content will be automatically translated to your selected language.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft 365. Learning them will make your use of these tools a lot easier. If you try this, the chances are that you will look back and not know how you coped before, when you were doing everything the hard way!

For an overwhelmingly long list of shortcuts, please click here. I would recommend learning them a few at a time.

Chat with Co-Workers

Microsoft 365 has the Microsoft Teams In-App integration. Teams is a godsend for remote workers as it provides the possibility to chat, have audio or video conversations, and share screens with your colleagues.

You can talk to your colleagues without leaving the task you are working on.

Work from Anywhere, on Any Device

The Microsoft 365 cloud solution allows you to access your work from any device. To do this, however, you need to download the Office app to said device. You can get the app from Android’s Play Store or the iOS store. This will help you check your work from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, laptop or PC.

However, with multiple devices also come multiple security threats. Make sure your both team and your data are safe in the cloud.


In addition to such sensible options as MFA, Microsoft 365 has Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This feature protects you from ransomware that is mostly spread through attachments in emails and malicious links. ATP protects you by opening the attachment and links in a virtual environment before it gets to your inbox.

The question is, ”Are these security options enough?” The simple fact that there exist many criminal enterprises which make their money by breaking into Microsoft 365 instances around the world should be adequate answer for anybody: Microsoft 365 needs looking after if it to avoid being breached by criminals. Often, the techniques used would not trigger traditional computer security, and as such, the criminals could sail straight into your systems undetected and do whatever they wanted.

To avoid this: to keep your Microsoft 365 safe, you need bluedog Microsoft 365 monitoring. To find out how this works, and what this service does to keep you safe, talk to your Brigantia account manager, email or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090 and talk to an expert.

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