KnowBe4 as a Managed Service Checklist

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KnowBe4 User List

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Consultation with client / prospect to discuss requirements and build a security awareness program.

As Standard, the following will be provided as part of KaaMS

  • Phishing simulations at a rate of one per week. These are safe phishing emails, which if a user does not take the appropriate cautious steps, and clicks on a link or opens an attachment, will then trigger a short piece of training about how to spot phishing emails.
  • A short piece of training every 3-4 weeks: covering many aspects of cyber security. The training can be done by the user at any time in the three-week period and are usually only a few minutes long.
  • A branded weekly security tip emailed to each user.
  • A monthly KnowBe4 security newsletter.
  • Monthly reports on phishing and training.
  • The option for certain users to have report-level access to the KnowBe4 system.
  • Automated notifications to managers showing users:
    • Enrolled in Training campaigns
    • Failed to complete Training campaigns within allotted time
    • Enrolled in Training following a phishing simulation failure
  • Option to deploy the Phish Alert Button (PAB).
  • Optional monthly email exposure report.
  • Optional policy deployment and management through the KnowBe4 system
  • Optional Spear-phishing, Vishing and USB Drive Test

All reports will be sent to the MSP.

This is a flexible solution built to ensure the best results for the end user, at certain points, changes may be made to the program, either by Brigantia to improve results, or based on requests from the end user.

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The following one-off steps need to be completed by the MSP.

Provide the initial list of users or introduce Brigantia to an appropriate contact within the client organisation to achieve this. Users can also be provisioned via Active Directory and SCIM. Essentially, the things which Brigantia cannot do due to limitations of geography and system permissions.

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