KnowBe4 Managed PoC Checklist

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KnowBe4 User List

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The following criteria need to be met for us to do a KnowBe4 Managed PoC:

  • A minimum of 25 users is required
  • The End User must have a KnowBe4 demo or webinar
  • Commercials need to be supplied to the End User
  • A Managed PoC MUST include training for at least 10% of the userbase

For the Managed PoC to begin, please provide the following information:

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The Managed PoC will cover the following over a 14-day period:

  • 2 Phishing simulations per user per week
    • No remediation training will be provided to users
  • 2 Training modules
    • Training will start in week 2 of the PoC

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