Heimdal Security to launch Infinity Management to the UK Channel

Heimdal Security to launch Infinity Management to the UK Channel

24th September 2018 Security

For those of you who know me, whether in a business environment or in a personal capacity, you will know that I am very passionate about my job, but even more so that I am particularly passionate about cybersecurity and one specific vendor’s technology: Heimdal Security. I can often be heard all around the office, whether it be sales, technical or admin, eulogising about the product… “If they had a tenth of the marketing budget of the big boys, they would be everywhere and everyone would have it…”

As a reminder for those of you who have not had the pleasure of my rather basic but forthright pitch (I am not sure how you have avoided it) – Why Heimdal Security?

  • LIVE intelligence from the malware infrastructure. In 2011 the founders of Heimdal Security won the World Ethical Hacking Championship (DEF CON CTF) beating the likes of the FBI. This technology forms a core part of the Heimdal Security product today.
  • A new malware domain will be seen, hacked into and then blocked against in the product within 4 hours.
  • This malicious blocking is down to DNS level filtering at the endpoint level (lots of antivirus solutions can filter HTTP and now, some, HTTPS traffic but DNS level is very unique. Heimdal Security utilises a “bloom filter” meaning the product has no effect on the endpoint… which is where often other vendors fall down (The only other service that I know to use a “bloom filter” is the Google search engine).

Why is DNS filtering important? Cisco released a report, last year, that stated 91.3% of ransomware dials back for its encryption key via DNS level traffic.

  • Nothing else in the market combines both silent and automatic software management and patching, with a DNS level malicious filter.
  • Automatic, silent, on the fly patching – without the need for ANY human interference/permission. The product removes “human error”.

Do I really need to rhetorically ask why patching is important…? 85% of ransomware attacks deliver the payload dropper exploiting vulnerabilities at endpoint level using exploit kits.

  • Heimdal Security furthermore contains a specialism in blocking Banking Trojans and is trusted by over 85% of Danish Banks.

Anyway… Heimdal Security is getting even better: Heimdal Security is shortly launching Infinity Management to the UK Channel. REGISTER FOR LAUNCH WEBINAR HERE

The new Infinity Management feature sits within the Xploit Resilience module (this is the Heimdal Security software management and patching module – which already allows you to install, uninstall, patch and version manage the likes of Java, Adobe Flash, iTunes, QuickTime, TeamViewer and much, much, more…)

Heimdal Security‘s Infinity Management concept is a very simple one…

At a per client level, ANY software can be installed onto the client’s endpoints (as per a preset group policy). Once installed, either the software will auto-update, if it does that normally, or patches can be uploaded into Heimdal Infinity Management and deployed to the designated endpoints. Infinity Management can deploy ANY software in the format of msi, exe, msp and zip files.

Need to get Office 365 pushed out quickly to 2000 machines? Do you have issues patching legacy or bespoke software? Infinity Management can deal with these easily.

Infinity Management requires no central physical server, no per-site packet creation and is extremely quick and easy to use.

Do you want a demo? Give me 10 minutes of your time – angus.shaw@brigantia.com or give me a ring on 020 3358 0090.

Reminder: Heimdal Security to launch Infinity Management to the UK Channel – Launch Webinar – REGISTER FOR LAUNCH WEBINAR HERE – 11th October at 10 am.


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