Heimdal Security launches new artificial intelligence technology

Heimdal Security launches new artificial intelligence technology

25th May 2017 Security

Brigantia has always ensured that we are supplying our partners with the highest level of cyber protection possible and this has led to the development of an industry leading portfolio of services. From an antivirus perspective, this is led by Bitdefender, the #1 ranked Protection Engine available today. From a ransomware perspective, our carefully selected solution has always been Heimdal Security, one of the world’s fastest growing and most innovative cyber firms that delivers market-leading threat intelligence to over 400,000 organisations and users globally.

Over the last 12 months, Heimdal has been developing a new form of cutting edge cyber protection, utilising the latest technologies available today in order to produce the industries most advanced solution to ransomware. I am pleased to announce that Heimdal has released a landmark enhancement to its DARKLayer-Guard engine within the 2nd generation of their existing product line, known as VectorN Detection.

The VectorN Detection technology represents a break-through in the next stage of protection from hackers, using artificial intelligence to improve the way in which advanced malware is identified, located and stopped. Through AI Machine Learning (MLD), VectorN Detection matches insights with attack indicators and network forensics, thus further reaffirming Heimdal as a completely unique cyber security suite.

Put simply, Heimdal monitors and tracks blocking frequency over a defined time-frame to identify potentially malicious traffic requests. Deep behavioural analysis within VectorN then detects irregularities in the inbound and outbound traffic (HTTP/HTTPS/DNS) and works out themes or patterns within these call outs. Through Machine Learning (MLD), new or future anomalies and Command & Control traffic is then identified and a ‘Threat to Process Correlation’ (TTPC) is calculated, enabling any new malicious processes to be pinpointed and stopped. VectorN uncovers hidden, 2nd generation malware that tries to infect the endpoint or attempts to harvest data from the compromised system. By tracking device-to infrastructure communication, this technology enables users to detect and block advanced malware, regardless of the attack vector.

As a result of this new artificial intelligence technology, Heimdal correlates known data and Internet traffic analysis and learns how diverse types of malware try to infect endpoints and exfiltrate data. By building up a knowledge book of advanced threats it begins to understand how they work and allows itself to become a self-learning protection tool that serves to stop malicious entrants. It can continuously adapt its protection techniques according to the new methods that hackers use to exploit end points and infiltrate networks.

This type of technology has not been seen before in The Channel and I am absolutely delighted at how we are able to provide such a cutting edge and advanced solution, more likely to be seen in government intelligence agencies, to our partners at a wholesale rate. Because VectorN Detection is an enhancement to Heimdal’s technology, this will be a natural and automatic upgrade for all our partners who are currently using Heimdal and for any new customers… at no additional cost.

Heimdal have been able to produce this innovative technology because of coordinated hard work from their team and strategic partners that share the same values and dedication for online security. The entire range of Heimdal Security products are under continuous improvement, as the company constantly develops new features to strengthen users’ security against cyber threats, diverse and challenging as they may be. As a company, Heimdal Security also participates in investigations against cyber-criminals and routinely publishes security alerts on the company blog to warn users of new attack angles and developments in malware. They actively, also, contribute towards the No More Ransom Project which fights, globally, against ransomware.

Brigantia are proud to be working with Heimdal Security as our lead cybersecurity provider and are delighted to see such advancements being made in their technology, allowing increasingly strong protection against cyber threats. If you would like to learn more about the Heimdal offering or wish to trial the product, please get in touch with our Brigantia Partner Support Team, which is headed up by Angus Shaw, via email to partnersupport@brigantia.com or call 020 3358 0090.

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