Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response

18th February 2019 Technology

What to do when it’s already hit the fan

A lot of services provided through Brigantia are there to prevent such terrible things as data breaches, ransomware and other nefarious actions being taken against businesses. What happens if you or your client have either been remiss in securing your business assets, or just plain unlucky, and suddenly there is a cyber security emergency? How do you deal with it? Who do you call? No, it’s not Ghost Busters…

What to do when it’s already hit the fan

The issue is that most organisations do not have very much experience when it comes to dealing with this sort of thing. Even with one or two incidents under your belt, there are still many things to learn as each breach can bring its own set or challenges: not least the directors and other involved staff running around in confusion and panic, often causing more harm than good.

For a company director, decisions are made from their own past experiences and by taking advice from people who should (in the director’s opinion) know about this sort of stuff. If the advice that they get conflicts with other advice, as is so often the case with this sort of thing, the wrong course of action can be taken. This of course makes a bad situation worse.

You can now hopefully see that in these situations you need a specialist organisation, to help sort the problem out and get the business back up and running with the minimum of damage and fuss, and in the shortest possible amount of time.

You need ECSC, a market leading, UK based Cyber Security specialist.

ECSC runs two Security Operations Centres (SOCs), one in the UK and the other in Australia, to provide full 24-hour cover to organisations anywhere in the world. Amongst the many high-end services that are on offer, ECSC provides immediate assistance to companies that have suffered data breaches. This can cover everything from helping technically, providing best advice and even talking directly to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) on your behalf: It helps to have experience with this last point as providing mitigating circumstances in the right way can mean the difference between big fine and no fine.

Even if you are of the opinion that you or your clients are unlikely to need a solution like this, it is worth finding out about it just so that it can be in your armoury for that one time when you need it, because when you need this sort of help, you need it NOW!

Brigantia and ECSC are running a FREE to attend webinar at 10am on Tuesday 26th February entitled Incident Response: Cyber Breach Preparation & Response. Click here to register.

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