Business Cyber Security and How to Achieve It!

Business Cyber Security and How to Achieve It!

24th November 2020 Brigantia

If we strip back the complexities of the implied question in the title, we are left with one obvious statement: You want your business to be secure from pretty much everything that the world has got to throw at it. That seems easy enough to understand, so why is it not so easy to do? This is the point where lots of different people have lots of different answers.

Perhaps you are looking at it in the wrong way? Do you really understand the question that you are asking? Perhaps that is the reason for all of the different answers. “What does the world have in its arsenal that it can throw at my business?” This is a better place to start.

Let’s see what we can come up with (without a technical deep-dive):

  1. Viruses and similar stuff – You have an idea what this is, a file with an infection in it that can cause lots of bad stuff on computers and the like.
  2. Data traffic attacks, such as slow attacks that trickle in over DNS – Maybe you don’t know what this is, maybe you have neither the time nor the inclination to find out either? However, it is a good idea to at least get the basics: this is where there probably is no “virus” type infection hiding in one of your files, it is an attack that uses a clever little data channel (which all computers need to keep open) to achieve its nefarious ends.
  3. Social engineering – Have you heard of it? It is basically fraud and does not use any cleverly malicious technology to work. That makes it VERY difficult for security systems to spot. Often this type of attack does not ring any automatic alarm bells and you have to rely upon the wits of your members of staff to avoid being caught out. If you just had a vision of your most gullible member of staff, having a particularly stupid day, versus a seasoned professional con-artist, and it resulted you feeling quite disconcerted: congratulations, you have been paying attention.

How do you deal with these problems that you are only just beginning to comprehend? Now you are starting to ask the right questions! After all, if you understand the questions that you ask, then you are far more likely to understand the answers that you get.

For the first couple of points, you should find out about Heimdal, the leading provider of this kind of protection for the SME market. Start by watching this short video:

For the third point, you need to train your members of staff in good cyber security practices. For this you need KnowBe4, the leading cyber security training company, to provide ongoing training and simulated phishing attacks. Your staff will learn about everything from spear-phishing to CEO Fraud, to good social media practices, to spotting social engineering attacks. Given that we seem to be linking to YouTube today, here’s a nice short KnowBe4 introduction:

Email or call Brigantia on 020 3358 0090 to get put in touch with your local Brigantia partner: an expert in using both Heimdal and KnowBe4 to achieve Business Cyber Security.

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