Hiten Patel COO

it is great to be reengaged with Brigantia and to be using some of their wholesale services. Brigantia has become relevant to our business again and we are excited about a number of their new to the UK market managed service offers.

Drum Brae Solutions

Phionna Cowan-Hoffman Solutions Sales Manager

Brigantia provides a great business support service for smaller resellers and MSPs like ourselves. It is great to have so many best in class vendor’s services available from one wholesale source with the added simplicity of one monthly credit account to pay. I would highly recommend Brigantia as a trusted provider of partner benefits and wholesale products and services.

Alncom – Northumbria

Alncom was founded in 1983 as Alnwick Computerware Limited and in their own words have been simplifying IT since then. The business has been providing professional, reliable and honest IT sales, service and support for over thirty years. Connectivity and managed services offered include broadband, mail management, remote management and security as well as website design and hosting. There is a fully equipped workshop, staffed by qualified engineers and a retail outlet with knowledgeable sales staff that is stocked with all manner of tech related products to cover all the requirements of both local business and consumers.

Over the years Alncom has gained unique local knowledge and experience. They have worked closely with many global brands to provide the highest possible level of service to their customers. The business is an IBM Business Partner and member of Microsoft’s Partner and System Builder’s Programs. They have close links with Terra Computer from Germany and can provide informed professional advice to help their customers choose and configure the IT technology that best suits their needs.

In the words of Alncom Managing Director Stephen Pinchen:

We are proud of the fact that we have provided an unbroken service for over thirty years in an industry where few companies survive more than a handful of years. We are also proud of the fact that some of our customers have been with us from the beginning. They appreciate our knowledge, our honesty and the fact that sometimes we don’t like computers any more than they do…

Alncom like to simplify IT for their customers by providing the best, most cost effective solutions.

Founding Brigantia partner resellers Alncom currently make use of Brigantia wholesale services and support a number of rebate programs.

Pinchen says of his Brigantia partner reseller subscription:

The great thing about being a subscribing Brigantia partner reseller is the constant exchange of new ideas. As new technologies and services become available Brigantia is generally there with a new wholesale, rebate or other service to help us make the most out of opportunities. The Brigantia partner network is also great for developing relationships both with suppliers and other partner resellers. Brigantia are invaluable to us and we get back our subscriptions many times over…

PC-Q – Mid Wales

PC-Q was established in 2000 as PCQ Solutions Limited. Based in Llanidloes, Mid-Wales, this business has built up an excellent reputation by providing great service and quality products. The business is a one stop shop for everything IT and Office Supplies related. Although the business has a client focus in Powys they have many end user clients located elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom.

A major focus for the business is around the provision of broadband connectivity together with applications to run over it on a full gamut of devices from smartphones and tablets through to networked PCs and servers. ADSL, fibre and lease lines are all available. Remote management, hosted exchange and exchange substitute, security and cloud back up are all applications offered and fully supported.

PC-Q Managing Director Joe Lowe states…

My team are always on hand for support and advice so no foreign call centres here, just a small friendly team who understand and get issues sorted! Whether you are an absolute beginner or in need of high level technical expertise, my business is always happy to assist…

Long standing Brigantia partner resellers PC-Q currently make use of Brigantia wholesale services and support a number of rebate programs.

Lowe says of his Brigantia partner reseller subscription…

Brigantia have been invaluable to my business. A few years ago I ran in to a serious issue with our previous wholesale broadband provider. Brigantia gave me advance access to the then new Brigantia wholesale broadband program and enabled me to move over our entire UK portfolio of tails that I was in danger of losing due to poor service from our previous wholesale route. We worked hand in hand with the excellent Brigantia team whom listened and worked with us making sure that all was above normal expectation. What was a breath of freshair for us was when we had a few teething issues, these were not ignored. We had dedicated proactive help getting everything resolved, its easy when things go right but so good to know when help is needed, such great support is on hand to get it sorted, this alone made our channel move worth it! So our new platform we helped create has enabled us to both secure and better manage our estate of tails efficiently and cost effectively with so many extra benefits. We are happy!

Iles Systems Ltd – Bedfordshire

Iles Systems Limited was formed in 1998 and over the years has become an integral part of the IT support community in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

David Iles (Snr), Managing Director, says of his business…

our IT consultants and technicians have years of hands on experience with all levels of Windows based systems and understand the potential they hold for businesses. We are aware that in the business world, IT is one of the most important factors and needs to be fully integrated with a business in order for them to stay ahead of the game with as little interruption as possible…

Iles Systems Ltd pride themselves on their customer focus and professional approach to supporting small to medium size businesses. They believe that a business’s IT infrastructure should work with the business and not against it. Their services enables the client business to have access to its very own virtual IT department, delivering the same service as an internal IT team without the ongoing costs. Iles Systems Ltd can help with all IT requirements from a single PC to a server environment offering ad-hoc services or a service level agreement where appropriate.

Iles Systems Ltd can assist businesses looking to reduce IT operational expenditure or just improve the level of service they already receive through outsourcing. They can provide a complete support model to suit any business taking responsibility for the entire IT infrastructure, including 24hr real time server monitoring.

Iles adds…

…our aim is to provide quick response times, reduced downtime, increased productivity, reliability, security and peace of mind. We won’t hold back in moving our clients businesses forward…

Brigantia Partners currently provides wholesale Broadband and Online Backup services to Iles Systems Ltd. They were also one of the first Brigantia UK Service Partners for the Terra Computer brand from thirty year old German Distributor Wortmann AG and they can offer all products from the Terra Computer portfolio ranging from Pads through to high end Intel based Servers. A long term Brigantia Partner Iles Systems Ltd regularly attend Brigantia Events and visit the Brigantia Club Stand at appropriate PCR Bootcamps.

Moortek – Devon

Moortek offers a complete solution for all their business and consumer end user clients electrical, IT and communication requirements. From the smallest components to the most complex network solution Moortek can assist.

In the words of Moortek Founder and Partner Richard Cleave…

No jargon or high pressure selling techniques, just plain common sense advice from friendly, knowledgeable local people. We are not just here for businesses either, home users can use a little help now and then, and that help’s just a phone call away…

By working closely with a small number of IT and electronic specific suppliers, Moortek has been able to secure specialist reseller and supplier status for large brands such as Brother, Netgear, Terra Computer & many others. As a consequence of this they an offer great quality products, at reasonable prices, backed up with any support and advice needed.

Subscribing Brigantia partner resellers for more than fifteen years Moortek currently make use of Brigantia wholesale services and support a number of rebate programs.

Cleave says of his Brigantia partner reseller subscription…

Over the years Brigantia has assisted us in many ways from sourcing new products and services through to business support and occasionally providing both a trusted third party customer and supplier arbitration service. From telling us about a little known Government grant scheme that helped us win many care homes as clients to providing us with a wholesale broadband and backup service Brigantia is always on the button with what is needed to secure and grow our business. The recent change in emphasis that Brigantia has made toward wholesale recurring revenue service programs will enable us to build value in our business for the time when we eventually want to retire and sell on our business…

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